Virtual Art InstructionExperience Lisa's Expertise & Creative Passion Regardless of Location

Individualized Virtual Art Instruction

corner portrait


What you will receive:

  • Initial Consultation: Determine your goals
  • Individualized lesson plan:  Tailored just for you
  • One 30-minute session (by phone) per week for 4 weeks
  • Final critique with recommendations of additional coursework to continue your development



How it works:

1. We will have an initial consultation (by phone) to determine:virtualInstructionpng

  • your goals
  • your areas of interest
  • your current skill level

2. Based on that information, I will prepare a 4 week lesson plan with exercises and projects tailored to meet your individual goals.  This lesson plan will be emailed to you.

3. Individualized lesson plan: Exercises and projects designed to be completed in sequential order, each project building on the skills and knowledge learned from the previous week's assignments.

4. Each week for the four week period, we will have a 30 minute phone session for a total of 4 phone calls (via or coach accountable) for a discussion of your projects.  You can also email me during the week for additional questions.

5. You will receive a written summary of each discussion we have as I make notes about your projects, add additional projects, and links to other sources.

6. At the end of the four week session, we will have a final critique to review your work and discuss your next level of goals.  I will provide a written summary of this final critique, as well as notes and recommendations for your course work.  Recommendations could include additional on-line coursework, workshops conducted by other instructors, or other classes to take.

I want to assist you on your creative journey in the best way possible!


Contact us for more information or to sign up!






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I don't know where I would be had I not signed up for that first drawing class, taught by the most amazing artist and teacher--you! You changed my life and I will be forever grateful."


My 6 paintings just sold ...Whenever I succeed, I'm grateful to you!


The offerings are continually teacher is wonderful!


Thank you so much for the beautiful portrait of our daughter. We know that it took many hours and great attention to the tiniest of detail. The way that you photographed her, your assistance in selecting the clothing, every step you took such pride of workmanship. We will treasure it for many years to come!


Lisa is a truly amazing artist who shares her gifts and talents with others with plenty of creativity, authenticity, wisdom, warmth and fun!